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The Ocala Group has been a valued member of the ACR family since 2017. Purpose-built through a series of strategic acquisitions, ACR has evolved into a unified entity that combines the strengths and expertise of multiple companies under one cohesive brand. With a focus on sourcing, manufacturing, and supply chain leadership, we harness over 200 years of combined experience and provide a seamless resource across the foodservice, janitorial, sanitation, education, industrial, hospitality, and healthcare industries. Our extensive expertise allows us to deliver exceptional quality and efficiency in all aspects of our operations.

We are Agile, Collaborative, and Reliable. We are ACR.

Foodservice and Healthcare Supplies

The Ocala Group, an ACR Brand, is a leader in foodservice products and healthcare supplies.  Operating and servicing business partners throughout Asia, The Americas, Europe, and Latin America, we have consistently set the industry standard of excellence for quality, service and representation.

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